Infectious diseases are still among the principal causes of temporary disability and hospitalizations, leading to significant losses to the economy and financial burden on the health system. Although in Bulgaria the mortality caused by these diseases is low, worldwide it is still significant – 25% of the total number of deaths. The intensive development of medicine and pharmaceutical production after the discovery of penicillin allows us to forget about the plague, influenza, tuberculosis and cholera pandemics, killing millions of people from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.

Product range

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Brand Name Generic Name
Levor tablets Levofloxacin
Vorifungal Voriconazole
Bacteripim Cefepime
Meropenem-Tchaikapharma Meropenem
Vancocin CP Vancomycin
Lifurox tablets Cefuroxime
Klacar XL Clarithromycin
Levor solution for infusion Levofloxacin
Ceftriaxon-Tchaikapharma Ceftriaxone
Cefotaxim-Tchaikapharma Cefotaxim
Lifurox powder for solution for injection/infusion Cefuroxime
Klacar tablets Clarithromycin
Kefadim Ceftazidime