• Licensing Manufacturing

    Tchaikapharma has long-standing partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical corporations, including our long-term relations with F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG and Pfizer Inc.


    With a trustworthy and successful sales force of more than 140 people and an experienced marketing and strategy arm, we offer international partners the following services and more:

    • Extended marketing services and market research
    • Highly trained, proven sales force for conducting campaigns
    • Local primary and secondary packaging and manufacturing

    A Time for Change

    Tchaikapharma was founded in 1999, at a time when Eastern Europe as a whole and Bulgaria in particular were going through a crisis of insufficient local pharmaceutical manufacturing and doubtful quality criteria.



    There was no international quality certification in Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacturing – there was also no incentive to improve, as manufacturing was still centered on the markets of the former Soviet Union, which did not demand quality.


    These conditions did nothing to guarantee the quality of the products. They served only to provide a comfortable existence for the outdated state pharmaceutical plants in operation and to facilitate corrupt privatization. In those years, state plants were privatized at such low prices that there is little doubt about the corrupt practices that made those deals possible.


    From its inception, Tchaikapharma’s mission has always been to take initiative to change these backward practices. We compete at world standards in order to provide the public with quality medicines at affordable prices.

    The Tchaikapharma difference: the first GMP standard manufacturer

    Instead of buying an outdated state plant, Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines chose to build new, state-of-the-art facilities in order to control the quality of its products.


    The company’s first and second plants were designed and constructed in accordance with the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Our plants immediately set a higher standard for quality and efficiency and became a benchmark for the regulatory authorities, who made the standard mandatory for all manufacturers.


    Tchaikapharma plants were the first to obtain contracting of in-licensed manufacturing of patented pharmaceuticals as well as molecules with internationally established trademarks from the portfolios of leading global pharmaceutical corporations.


    Soon, the public saw a drastic change in the availability of high-quality affordable medicines: Tchaikapharma registered the generic analogs of many well-known molecules after their patent protection expired. The significantly lower price and guaranteed quality amounted to a tangible improvement in the lives of our patients.


    In addition, these new competitive prices drove many manufacturers importing into Bulgaria to lower their prices, further helping consumers. What is more, this new Bulgarian pharmaceutical industry stirred the dormant pharmaceutical market by moving competition from regulators’ and administrators’ offices to the those of doctors and pharmacies. Patients as well as physicians gained a lot from the new competitive environment and above all from the new and improved affordability and high quality.


    Currently, doctors and patients recognize only pharmaceuticals with proven quality, competitive price, manufactured by companies investing and supporting Bulgaria’s economy as leaders in therapeutical practice.

  • Success Stories

    Investor interest
    The continued success of our business model is guaranteed by various factors, among which the increased use of generic medicines and the growth of the pharmaceutical market in general, as well as easier access to the growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe, play a major role.


    Investors from Asia, the USA and Europe are attracted to the privately owned Tchaikapharma based on our solid financial results, favorable prospects and fast growth rates as well as our strong local presence in the medical community.

    A selected list of entrusted market rights and outsourcing success stories includes:

    Pfizer: Accupro®, Sortis®, Zeldox®; sales growth from 20% (Zeldox®) to more than 500% (Accupro®) within the debut contract year; long term marketing and manufacturing rights and portfolio outsourcing
    sanofi~aventis: Insuman®, Cefrom®, Anzemet®, Fraxiparine®; sales growth of more than 100% within the debut contract year; long-term marketing and distribution rights and growing cooperation in the pipeline of new formulations
    Roche: Dilatrend®, Rocephine®, Madopar®, Inhibace®; sales growth of 700% in 5 years (Dilatrend®), >1000% in 2 years (Rocephine®), 200% in 1 year (Madopar®), 90% in first year (Inhibace®)
    AstraZeneca: Seroquel®, Symbicort®; sales growth of 100% (Seroquel®) for the first year, sales from € 0 to € 1.8 mln in 9 months (Symbicort®) – success and expedience unrivalled before in any other territory.
    Eli Lilly: Humulin®, Zyprexa®, ReoPro® 20% CAGR, 5 years, in the conservative insulin and schizophrenia market after 300% growth for the first year.