Inspection by Torrex Chiesi leads to manufacturing of Pamitor
Torrex Chiesi performed a GMP inspection which re-affirmed our compliance with the highest standards, opening the door to the manufacture of Pamitor (disodium pamidronate.)

Headquarters moved to Sofia
In search of a more efficient market and regulatory process management system, the company headquarters was moved from Varna to Sofia.

New products

HypoDehydra (hydrochlorothiazide), Losartan-Tchaikapharma (losartan), Metformin-Tchaikapharma (metformin), Nebivolol-Tchaikapharma (nebivolol) – now Bravylol, Pisizif SR (indapamide), Resperon (risperidone), Ropinirole-Tchaikapharma (ropinirole).