New equipment

New basic laboratory equipment for quality control of the batches was utilized.

New products

The company market expansion continued with Allersan (cetirizine dihydrochloride), Jamax (selegiline hydrochloride), Korincare (nifedipine), Pentoxifyllin-Tchaikapharma (pentoxifyllin.) A sector portfolio was developed spanning six major therapeutic areas – central nervous system; cardiovascular system; respiratory system, muscle and skeletal system, bacterial infections, metabolic disorders.

Increased manufacturing necessitates creation of new plant

Manufacturing reached a volume of 4.7 million packages per year and the maximum work capacity of the Varna plant was exhausted. There was an actual risk of slowing the growth process and this marked the beginning of the second important stage in the development of the manufacturing company – the construction of a new, bigger plant in the city of Plovdiv. This was followed by the installation of three blistering lines of the Italian machine engineering company IMA and a high capacity blistering line of the German company Uhlmann.