The facility successfully passed its first GMP inspection by F. Hoffmann-La Roche, and then started to manufacture Rocephin 1 g.

Manufacturing of the first registered Tchaikapharma-owned products: Bromazepam-Tchaikapharma (bromazepam), Ranitidin-Tchaikapharma* (ranitidin), Verapamil-Tchaikapharma 40 mg (verapamil) and Nifedipin-Tchaikapharma* (Nifedipin).


*Ranitidin-Tchaikapharma and Nifedipin-Tchaikapharma were the first products in Bulgaria manufactured under the so called Formpack technology of Lawson Mardon Packing. What is interesting about it is that the blister is made completely of aluminum foil, unlike the traditional AI/PVC blisters, for maximum protection of the drug against the impact of external factors (humidity, light), which is extremely important for ranitidin and nifedipin: moisture and light sensitive substances. In this way the preservation of the drug in its entire shelf life and its full therapeutic effect are ensured.