Environment Protection

Our commitment to environmental protection through efficient and clean production date back to our inception, before there were any statutory incentives and requirements in place.


We bring this commitment into the future by continuously investing in the development of energy-efficient manufacturing plants and by seeking advanced heating and ventilation solutions.

Putting environment first: a 30% increase in investment

We put the environment first, even when it means investing in more expensive equipment.


For example, we thoroughly researched the most efficient and environmentally friendly way for heating and ventilation of our plans. We chose the installation of water-to-water thermal pump systems and dry coolers, which is three times more efficient than traditional systems. It meant, however, that we had to increase our initially planned investment by about 30%. Putting the environment first, our management made the decision to invest more to ensure energy efficiency.

Managing waste for a clean environment

A waste management program is also in operation. A thorough compulsory control is enforced though a special regime of storage, transport and processing of raw materials, packagings and rejects.