• Quality, affordable care is a public service

    We are devoted to the improvement of human health in all of our activities.

    Our daily lives are increasingly stressful, while the funds available for healthcare are insufficient. We need to find adequate solutions with which to ensure and maintain life quality and expectancy. This is why we manufacture high quality medicines at affordable prices.


    We choose to:
    Attract and retain competent employees with solid ethical values
    Provide doctors and patients with new viewpoints on different health problems
    Ensure treatment for everyone with affordable high quality pharmaceuticals
    Donate to help people in need
    Protect the environment

    We achieve it by:
    Close communication and ties with physicians and pharmacists
    Close contact with patients to raise their awareness
    A recognized public agenda in our private business activity
    Investments in the qualification of our employees and customers
    Compliance with the highest requirements for environment protection
    Investments for a more energy-efficient manufacturing

  • Supporting Bulgarian Medicine

    Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines sponsors the publication of numerous textbooks, educational materials and monographs in the field of cardiology, nephrology, urology, surgery, endocrinology, psychiatry, and internal medicine of the medical universities in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pleven, Varna and Stara Zagora. For many years, we have sponsored the annual congresses and symposia of scientific societies in Bulgaria.


    Support for Bulgarian patients and doctors
    Tchaikapharma regularly participates in public education events organized by scientific societies for the dissemination of medical knowledge. We have been issuing specialized patient information materials devoted to prevention and the fight against the most widespread chronic diseases in the country.

    Supporting Bulgarian medical science and practice:
    We have provided equipment for clinics, departments and medical offices. We have purchased ambulances for the following hospitals: Pirogov Emergency Hospital, St. Georgi General University Hospital – Plovdiv, Georgi Stranski University General Hospital – Pleven, Aleksandrovska Hospital, St Marina University General Hospital – Varna, General Hospital – Plovdiv, General Hospital – Haskovo, St Anna General Hospital – Varna, the state psychiatric hospitals in Pazardzhik, Kardzhali, Ruse, Radnevo, Second City Hospital – City, Second City Hospital – Plovdiv, the oncology hospitals in Plovdiv and Varna, and many others.

  • Donations and Campaigns

    Since our establishment, we have participated actively in charity initiatives. We have helped with the treatment of children and adults, donated medicines to orphanages, hospitals, medical centers and care homes throughout the country.



    2005: Donations of anti-diabetic pharmaceuticals to the children’s endocrinology clinic in Sofia and to Diabetes 2000 Association for the World Diabetes Day

    2006 and 2007: Donations to The Bulgarian Christmas – a charity initiative under the auspices of Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov raising funds for the treatment of Bulgarian children.

    2007: Donations of medicines to the towns and villages devastated by the floods in Northern Bulgaria, among which: Tzar Kaloyan, Topolovgrad, Ardino, Provadia, Balchik, Tutrakan, Preslav, Dolen Tchiflik, Gulyantsi, Tcherven Bryag, Lukovit.

    2008: Donations of medicines and free cardiologist consultations to 3,000 low-income Bulgarian pensioners for the 100th anniversary of Bulgarian Independence.

    2009: Donations of medicines for the treatment and maintenance of treatment of underprivileged patients and patients in care homes.


    2005: A six-month national campaign for diabetes control, in which Tchaikapharma provided free tests of glycated haemoglobin to 30,000 diabetic patients.

    2008: A national campaign for improved control over diabetes and hypertension. Over 4,000 senior citizens had a free consultation with a specialist and a blood pressure measurement in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven and Burgas.

  • Investing in our historical memory

    We believe that an understanding and appreciation of our history is paramount for our prosperity as a society in the national, European, and world contexts.

    That is why, in addition to our other initiatives, we invest in historical projects. To date, we have funded and organized the construction of two war monuments in Bulgaria, which have garnered wide appreciation by the public and the endorsement of local mayors and national government.


    The Serbian-Bulgarian war monument
    On November 7, 2005, to mark the 120th anniversary of the victory of the Bulgarian army in the battle near Slivnitsa in the Serbian-Bulgarian war in 1885, Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines built a monument of the deceased Bulgarian veterans. The inauguration was attended by the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, war veterans, representatives of military organizations and many citizens.

    Simeon the Great’s Aheloi battle monument
    To commemorate the 1090th anniversary of the victory of King Simeon the Great in the Aheloi Battle, on August 20, 2007, we inaugurated a new monument in the center of the town of Aheloi. In that decisive battle, 60,000 Bulgarian soldiers defeated the Byzantine Army, which had invaded Bulgaria. In one of the greatest battles of the Middle Ages in Europe, the existence of the Bulgarian state was protected. The monument was inaugurated by Bulgarian Vice President Angel Marin in the presence of many officials, guards of honour and citizens.