Pentoxifylline-Tchaikapharma is a peripheral vasodilator with a favorable hemorheological effect, mainly as a result of decreased blood and plasma viscosity, inhibition of platelet aggregation and increased erythrocyte deformability.


Pentoxifylline-Tchaikapharma is indicated for:
– disorders of the peripheral arterial macro- and microcirculation due to atherosclerosis, diabetes and vascular spasms (claudicatio intermittens, diabetic macro- and microangiopathy, Reynaud’s syndrome, ulcus cruris, gangrene);
– disorders of the peripheral venous circulation;
– in cerebrovascular disease (transient ischemic crises, consequences of chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency), acute and chronic conditions due to insufficient blood supply to the retina, rarely in angioneuropathy.

Subject to medical prescription.

Concentration and pharmaceutical form: 400 mg prolonged release tablets