• The NHIF received cash for the user fees for pensioners and will settle doctors payments for July

    October 7, 2014

    The National Health Insurance Fund announced that on the last day of September National it received the funds for this July needed to pay the difference in user fee for pensioners to general practitioners and dentists.

    From the beginning of this year the pensioners pay user fee BGN 1.00 for examination instead of  BGN 2.90. The difference is covered by the state. For this purpose in the budget were allocated BGN 8 million, but medical professionals complained of delays.

    The cash for overcoming the delay amounted to BGN 1 592 096.00 and was transfered from the budget of the Ministry of Health under a procedure established by law. They will be distributed according to the requests of the Regional Health Insurance Funds.

    The press release of the NHIF noted that on August 21st of this year the Director of the NHIF Rumyana Todorova and the Minister of Health Miroslav Nenkov established rules for determining and providing transfers. On August 26th of this year the Fund sent a letter to the Ministry of Health regarding the need for transfer of funds for July, and in a letter dated September 11th of  this year reminded that the transfer has not taken place yet.

    On the same day the Director of the NHIF requested the assignment of cash for payment of  the difference in the user fee for the outpatient care for pensioners for August 2014 also.

    The press release reminds that the user fee payable for inpatient treatment in  hospitals remains BGN 5.80 and is mandatory for pensioners by age and contribution period and for other health insuranced if they are not exempted from payment.