• The government approved physicians to issue electronic medical certificate

    November 3, 2014

    At a meeting held last week the government approved amendments to the Regulation on calculation and payment of cash compensation and benefits from public social security related to the introduction from the 1st of January 2015 of an electronic medical certificate. This was announced by the press office of the Council of Ministers. According to the changes the data entered in the electronic register of medical certificates and decisions on appeal, should be taken into account in assessing the right and determining the amount of the cash compensations and benefits.

    Regulated are the entities that present the data contained in the issued medical certificates to the NSSI – attending doctors and medical advisory committees through the medical institutions they are subordinated to.

    The insurers and self-insured will no longer be obliged to check whether their medical certificates are issued in accordance with the legislation regulations. The requirement to attach the report of the Medical advisory committee or a transcript of the death certificate to the medical certificates of persons on leave due to death or serious illness of a mother of a child up to 2 years old will be dropped. In both cases, the documents will be collected automatically.

    Specified are the beneficiaries and the documents for submission, and the starting point from which the period for payment of compensation is calculated, depending on whether the payment is made on the basis of the data in the issued medical certificates and the documents submitted in the relevant territorial unit NSSI, or on the basis of documents only.