• The BMA will not sign the frame agreement is the methodologies for payment are not restored in it.

    November 12, 2014

    The Medical Association probably will not sign the National Frame Agreement (NFA) 2015, if the methodology for valuation and payment is not restored in the frame agreement. This is evident from the information of the professional organization on the progress of the negotiations on the new NFA.

    “According to my calculations we are talking about BGN 3 billion 230 million budget of the National Insurance Fund. This should be the minimum below which we can not fall. We may have to think of some increase in the budget of the Ministry of Health, mainly in view of the sharp increase of the funds for the emergency medical care,” said Dr. Dimitar Petrov – chief expert in the Bulgarian Medical Association

    The BMA wants to restore the methodology in the section “Terms and Conditions for Payment” of the agreement. The doctors also want in the NFA the control and sanctions, as well as arbitration to be restored. Another demand of the professional organization is the rules for distribution of medical referrals to be coordinated with the Association.

    “If this can not be done technologically before the signing of the agreement, the BMA can compromise if the methodology for valuation and payment is signed by both parties before the signing of the National Frame Agreement and the Contract on prices and volumes and the methodology for distribution is coordinated with the Board of the BMA,” the professional organization notes and specifies that this should decided by the BMA.

    The draft budget of the Medical Association for the coming year provides revenue of BGN 1 506 600 and expenses of BGN 1 233 970.