• Tchaikapharma obtained a new Marketing Authorisations for antipsychotic medicinal product Aripipa

    November 4, 2015

    The Bulgarian Drug Agency issued a Marketing Authorisation for a new medicinal product of Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines Inc. – Aripipa 15 mg tablets – containing the active substance aripiprazole.

    The medicinal product belongs to a group of drugs called antipsychotics. It is used for treatment of adults and adolescents above 15 years old, suffering from a disease characterized by symptoms such as hearing, seeing or sensing things that are not there, suspiciousness, mistaken beliefs, speech and behavior disorders and pervasive lack of interest. People with this condition may experience depression, experience feelings of guilt, anxiety or stress.

    Aripipa is also used to treat adults and adolescents 13 years and above who suffer from a disease characterized by symptoms such as elation, excess energy, need of much less sleep than usual, talking very quickly with racing ideas and sometimes severe irritability.

    The medicinal product is subject to medical prescription.

    ATC code: N05AX12