Improving life expectancy and quality

Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines has been building a portfolio strategically based on scientific data provided by and analyzed in the setting of ongoing research and clinical trials. We aim at the ‘biggest killers’ and strictly follow the latest guidelines issued by the relevant European and national scientific societies.

Our focus is on the manufacturing and supply of pharmaceuticals with a proven effect on life expectancy. We manufacture very few pharmaceuticals that serve only to relieve symptoms. The widespread prescription of such pharmaceuticals is a large problem in Bulgaria, which we are tackling by making sure that the most essential pharmaceuticals, the ones that have an effect on people’s health, are available in the pharmacies and are easily affordable for the average Bulgarian patient.

Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines manufactures pharmaceuticals that can really change the prognosis of patients – ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, statins and calcium channel blockers, all of which are included in the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

In addition, we are committed to serving pubic interest by actively exposing the misleading marketing campaigns of those pharmaceutical companies who maintain unreasonably high prices, while their medicines are of unknown efficacy, doubtful innovation and incomplete safety profile.