ContaMedia Ioh


ContaMedia Ioh is a “contrast medium”. This medicine is for diagnostic use only. It is used only to help identify an illness.


ContaMedia Ioh is given before an X-ray to make the picture that your doctor takes clearer.
– Once injected, it can help your doctor tell apart normal or abnormal appearance and shape of some organs in your body;
– It can be used for X-rays of your urinary system, spine or blood vessels, including the blood vessels of the heart;
– In some people, this medicine is given before or during a head or body scan using computed tomography. This is a type of scan that uses X-rays;
– It can also be used to examine your salivary glands, stomach and intestines, as well as to examine body cavities, such as those in the joints or uterus and ovarian tubes.

Subject to medical prescription.

Concentration and pharmaceutical form: 350 mgI/mL solution for injection