• Pharmacists in hospital pharmacies – with contracts of employment with hospitals

    October 14, 2014

    All staff working in hospital pharmacies must have an employment contract with the recpective medical facility which opened the pharmacy. This is provided in the draft amendment to the Ordinance No.28 of the Ministry of Health on the work of pharmacies. The text includes also the pharmacies of the psychiatric, skin and cancer dispensaries, and inpatient hospices.

    The document also provides that for every two assistant pharmacists there must be one master of pharmacy in the hospital pharmacies. If the medical facility has over 400 beds, or has at least ten wards, the pharmacy has to have at least one master of pharmacy with specialty “Clinical Pharmacy” or with such specialization. The same goes for the oncology centers.

    The draft amendments also provide the working hours in hospital pharmacies to be determined by the medical facilities and impose the obligations on the Master pharmacists to attend to the patients during non-office hours in emergencies.

    The hospital pharmacies are also obliged to maintain a five days reserve of drugs, medical devices and other consumables.

    The period within which the health facilities must bring their work in accordance with the new requirements is three years.

    All draft amendments to the Ordinance and the motives for them are uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Health.