Success Stories

Investor interest
The continued success of our business model is guaranteed by various factors, among which the increased use of generic medicines and the growth of the pharmaceutical market in general, as well as easier access to the growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe, play a major role.

Investors from Asia, the USA and Europe are attracted to the privately owned Tchaikapharma based on our solid financial results, favorable prospects and fast growth rates as well as our strong local presence in the medical community.

A selected list of entrusted market rights and outsourcing success stories includes:

Pfizer: Accupro®, Sortis®, Zeldox®; sales growth from 20% (Zeldox®) to more than 500% (Accupro®) within the debut contract year; long term marketing and manufacturing rights and portfolio outsourcing
sanofi~aventis: Insuman®, Cefrom®, Anzemet®, Fraxiparine®; sales growth of more than 100% within the debut contract year; long-term marketing and distribution rights and growing cooperation in the pipeline of new formulations
Roche: Dilatrend®, Rocephine®, Madopar®, Inhibace®; sales growth of 700% in 5 years (Dilatrend®), >1000% in 2 years (Rocephine®), 200% in 1 year (Madopar®), 90% in first year (Inhibace®)
AstraZeneca: Seroquel®, Symbicort®; sales growth of 100% (Seroquel®) for the first year, sales from € 0 to € 1.8 mln in 9 months (Symbicort®) – success and expedience unrivalled before in any other territory.
Eli Lilly: Humulin®, Zyprexa®, ReoPro® 20% CAGR, 5 years, in the conservative insulin and schizophrenia market after 300% growth for the first year.