• Only five thousand people have requested access to their e-health dossier in 2014

    October 14, 2014

    People want control over the health care system, but do not bother to carry it out in person, even if such an opportunity is provided to them. This becomes evident from the report of the NHIF of the issued codes for access to the personal health records.

    From the introduction of the service in April last year until now only 16 309 people have applied for the issuance of a unique access code (UAC). Moreover – the data of the requested UAC for this year only shows that the interest in the service decreases: in the period January – 6th of October 5352 UAC were issued.

    The Health Insurance Fund provided this information in connection with the submitted in recent days signals by citizens that in their electronic health records incorrect data is entered.

    The Fund reminds also that even people with terminated health insurance rights have the possibility to request and obtain UAC and through it gain access to the information about the medical and dental care provided in the last six years.

    In the electronic health dossier is stored the information of the choice made by every citizen of General practitioner (from 2000 to present), and the performed and recorded activities of the General practitioner, specialists, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies – from 2009 until now.

    In the electronic health dossier, the information on activities conducted and reported by the providers of dental care, as well as information regarding the European Health Insurance Cards issued is stored.

    From NHIF note that for any discrepancy between the medical care received and activities reflected in the electronic health dossier, the insured may lodge a complaint with the NHIF.

    “So every health insured has the possibility in person to control whether his money for health were used as intended, which he remitted in the form of health insurance installments, and thus to assist the practice of civil society control in the public interest,” note also from the Health Insurance Fund.