• NHIF and cardiovascular specialists have signed an Agreement to control spending on cardiac clinical pathways

    November 3, 2014

    The Agreement for cooperation for implementation of effective control over the funds in the field of interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery, was signed last week. The press center of the Fund announced that the Agreement was between the NHIF, the companies in cardiac and interventional cardiology and the national consultants in cardiac surgery and invasive cardiology, announced

    The Agreement provides a framework for cooperation between the parties according to their competence, subject to the Bulgarian legislation and applicable regulations. The NHIF informed that within the framework of this cooperation the measures for effective spending of NHIF for cardiology and cardiac surgery are to be developed, while significantly improving the quality of medical services to patients.

    “The Parties agreed on the understanding that it is necessary to perform regular and immediate quality control of the procedures performed by a joint expert body that has the power to draft amendments to the relevant legislation, such as:

    – in the control activity of the NHIF to include monitoring of the number of the patients diagnosed, but not directed to cardiac surgery or interventional treatment in accordance with European practice and further discussion of these cases by so-called “heart team” including, a cardiologist, an invasive cardiologist and cardiac surgery specialist;

    – in cardiac clinical pathways (CP) as a requirement to include a discussion of each case by the so-called “heart team”;

    – to perform categorization of the invasive cardiology centers based on the material and technical equipment to perform complex interventions;

    – to perform licensing of the high-tech activities – transcatheter valve replacement, aortic endoprosthesis;

    – to create a joint expert and ethical working ethical body with clearly defined and disclosed rules of action and the power to impose sanctions. The expert body should have legality substantiated possibility to inspect facilities.” – announced also the Fund.