• Letter to Shareholders

    December 7, 2016

    The outgoing 2016 was a wonderful year of continued progress for Tchaikapharma. It was the first full year since Tchaikapharma was listed as a public company on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) in Sofia and after share trading started on 21 May 2015. Actually and based on 3Q16 results followed by very good October and November, 2016 was another record-breaking year however sliced, irrespective of the turbulences in the healthcare sector and overall uncertainty. Our patients and their doctors, soon in 9 EU member countries, are enchanted with the therapeutically advanced response of Tchaikapharma’s prescription medicines. Building of shareholders’ value with growing social impact further generates massive appreciation every step of the way every day, nationally and internationally. Innovation both in product development and commercialisation phases makes the difference vis-à-vis the generic medicine and in-licensing industry peers – regionally and across Europe. We remain focused on implementing our strategy with discipline, delivering growth in all segments on top and bottom line and reducing cost wherever possible. Our territorial expansion continued with targeted and timely regulatory advances in 3 more EU countries during 2016.


    The full text of the letter to Shareholders is available here.