Company Facts

For the period 2012 – 2014 Tchaikapharma has capitalized a part of its profits; in 2014 the share capital was increased to 43.5 million BGN, the difference has been distributed as dividends. During this period emerged a lasting trend towards increasing the company’s profits.

Profit growth is in most part due to the introduction of own production of solid forms and the supply and deployment of more and more new products. The company relies on turnover and faster turnover of the assets – optimal availability of raw materials and finished products is maintained. The new products also influence growth in profits – they are  consistent with market conditions – such as prices, demand, market niches – and the capabilities of the company.
The company’s profit shows a steady increase (14%) in 2013. The results for the last financial year (2014), compared to those of 2013, show growth of 11%. The positive trend is due to the successful establishment of products and the production of new ones.
The company continues the trend of expansion –
with regard to the occupied market share and the increase of the product portfolio.


2014 financial results:
Top line: BGN 28,989,000
Bottom line: BGN 6,816,000

* 1 € = 1.95583 BGN

One time gain or loss is excluded


Tchaikapharma manages two manufacturing plants, a team of medical representatives, a research and development unit, marketing groups, and a drug registration department.

Manufacturing capacity:

• 2,181 square meters of general manufacturing area
• Shop for tablets and capsules (coated and uncoated tablets), equipped by granulation machines, dry-mixing, tableting and coating
• Six packaging lines and one labeling line
• Total annual capacity: 500 million tablets in 1,140 batches (of which 30% coated tablets) and 17 million secondary packagings
• Warehousing capacity (RM+WIP+FG): 1,500 square meters
• Control labs – chemical and microbiology – 257 square meters
• Forty-five manufacturing employees
• Thirteen quality control employees
• Fifty-two marketing employees
• Administrative and financial control – 14 employees
• SAP-based software
• LIMS software for the control labs

Manufacturing process management includes:

• Logistics and planning of manufacturing
• Manufacturing
Quality control and assurance
• Pharmacovigilance

Medical representatives activities include:

• Marketing of the company’s products throughout the country
• Participation in specialized medical forums
• Provision of updated medical information to physicians and pharmacists