• Young doctors – with the right to a contract with the Health Fund

    October 2, 2015

    Doctors specializing in Medicine will have a right to a contract with the NHIF was decided by the MPs yesterday, when they accepted the amendments to the Law on Medical Institutions. This way they made the promise of the Health Minister Petar Moskov, which he made to the doctors in the campaign “Young Medic”, become a fact.

    Specializing doctors currently do not have the right to work with the Fund and this is the reason why hospitals find it difficult to provide the necessary funds to ensure they have good salaries. However, this will change with the changes and clinics will want to recruit young physicians on staff. Furthermore, the MPs adopted the opportunity for emergency doctors to work more flexible shifts, and in the areas where there are no clinics, physicians are required be on duty at least 10 hours a week.