• The pill of “Google”

    November 25, 2014

    It is striking that in our technological modernity we are looking forward to travelling to Mars, and yet we have failed as a civilization to cure diseases that affect the lives of many people on the planet. A good piece of news has come from Google.

    The software giant grew so much last year that its name entered the Oxford dictionary as a verb – a synonym for searching for information on the Internet. But it did not stop there. The financial and conceptual resources of the company are limitless. Nothing can stop them from achieving their projects. They made smart glasses, a self-controlled car, and 80% of the world smartphones use their operating system.

    Last month “Google” announced that it will make a smart pill with nanoparticles to detect diseases immediately. Even cancer would be diagnosed at a very basic level, before harming the body. Nanoparticles would get attached to cells and follow them. And with the smallest deviation from the normal they would give alert through a wireless connection to an external device.

    The main objective of smart pills will be 100% certainty, on which doctors could rely, as the potential diagnosis of a disease at such an early stage could not be confirmed by normal methods. This is why the company promises that it will not seek the collection of data on the health of people and use it for marketing purposes. All the information will be available only to a doctor approved by the person using the pill.

    According to the head of the team of more than 100 people involved in the design, not death is a threat to humanity, but the treatable diseases that are not detected on time.