• The NHIF is expecting proposals from the Bulgarian Medical Association for the deficit problem

    July 2, 2015

    The Supervisory Board of the National Health Insurance Fund is expecting from the BMA proposals for solving the problem of clinical pathways overspending. This became clear from the words of the member of the Supervisory Board Dr. Evgeni Tasovski. “We look at where the pain is, and this is the spot that is to be treated. And as good diagnosticians, we have let the BMA find the problem, so they should propose the solutions. The doctors themselves have to be analyzed, not the administrative structure, the problems have to be systematized and there has to be an indication what is to be done,” he said.

    Dr. Tasovski said that the Medical Association had requested data on which were the most expensive pathways, how much were the overspent funds, and which hospitals had been overspending. He noted that at the meeting between the two parties a few days ago a decision had been reached by the experts of the professional organization and the NHIF to get together and discuss lighter measures than lowering the prices. The situation would be discussed again in two weeks from that time, said the supervisor.

    When asked whether the NHIF had not come up with any suggestions to the BMA about which pathways could be transferred from hospital to outpatient services and if analysis had been made on what the savings would come up to, Dr. Tasovski said that no such proposals had been made. According to him, only the Manager of the Health Fund Dr. Glinka Komitov had presented ideas in this regard, but they had not yet been fully formed before the supervisor and the doctors. According to him, Dr. Komitov most likely would be ready the week after. Dr. Tasovski added that at that time there had been no talk about reducing the prices of pathways. “Supervision does not want to display force, but simply wants to show an understanding of the BMA,” he said.