• The NHIF discusses increasing hospital budgets

    May 21, 2015

    Hospitals will receive nearly BGN 15.2 million more by the end of the year, informed reporters the member of the Supervisory Board of the NHIF Dr. Vanyo Sharkov last Wednesday. He explained that the Supervisory Board at a meeting has made a decision the university hospitals budgets to be increased by 2%, while the budgets of all others who provide emergency services – by 1%. A day later it became clear that in addition to the initially announced 146 hospitals, which will receive more funding, over 70 more hospitals have submitted applications. The money will be deducted from the reserve of the NHIF.

    “It all is based on the decision and what we proposed at the previous meeting – to increase the budgets for providing emergency medical care. The operational management of the NHIF provided the lists and the distribution was carried out accordingly. What the operational leadership offered, we have adopted,” said the member of the Supervisory Board.

    Dr. Sharkov said that “Pirogov Hospital” will receive most additional resources – about BGN 1 million. “University hospitals and hospitals with emergency consultation wards include: ‘Aleksandrovska Hospital’, ’Pirogov Hospital’, The Military Medical Academy, The Medical Institute of the Interior ‘St. George’, and ‘St. Marina’, “ he replied to the question which hospitals come after “Pirogov Hospital”.

    The Director of the NHIF Dr. Glinka Komitov noted that the operational management of the Fund will offer additional funding only to hospitals with motivated demands. According to his forecast, in order to satisfy the demands of these hospitals, about BGN 50 million would be needed. Realistically, however, the allocated amount would be much less, said the Director of the NHIF.
    The Supervisory Board of the institution is expected to examine these proposals on May 25th.