• The miracle of the embryo of the black sheep

    November 25, 2014

    The clinic “La Prairie” in the Swiss city of Montreux is famous for its patented therapy with an extract from the liver of an embryo of the black sheep. And this is not new. The beginning was in 1931 and its founder – Dr. Paul Niehans. He found that injections of live cells from unborn lambs slow down the aging process. He chose sheep because they were beasts resistant to diseases. Of course, nowadays Doctor Nihans would have never been able to apply his theory. Various environmental organizations would have condemned him for animal abuse and he would hardly have been permitted to give his injections to people.

    Along with the fact that he was the nephew of the last Prussian King Frederick III, the clinic was visited by the entire aristocratic elite from around the globe. But the real breakthrough came after he healed Pope Pius XII. The Holy Father was ill and nothing could help him improve. A royalty recommended Niehans, who appeared in Rome with a pregnant sheep on a leash. The Pope was healed, and the doctor gained the worldwide fame of a healer.

    Today “La Prairie” has a farm of 200 sheep 45 minutes from Montreux. There is also a laboratory there for the production of boutique creams with living cells from the root of the iris. The patented CLP extract activates the body’s defenses, improves memory and sleep, promotes the rapid healing of wounds, destroys toxins, lowers the symptoms of chronic diseases (arthritis, migraines, allergies), reduces stress. This is why the liver of an embryo of the black sheep is used not only to revive financial magnates, but in the treatment of AIDS and hepatitis. The therapy, whose motto is “older but younger” sounds like an oxymoron, should be administered every two years. The result from it is not the removal of wrinkles, but the internal revitalization with a set of individual rehabilitation procedures.

    Why living cells? They differ from the normal ones in two aspects: they are not specialized and can be converted by order of the regulatory systems in each cell of the body, and their ability to divide is practically endless. In childhood the body contains many similar cells, but they decrease dramatically with age. They remain only in the bone marrow and the body uses them in case of a need for urgent regeneration. A good portion of unspecialized cells can stop any infection, help trauma. Because of the fear of injections in the last two years the treatment with cells from the liver of embryos is in the form of drops. It is a powerful gift for our regenerative system and quickly restores the organs that urgently need it.