• The Ministry of Health will pay the fees of the “most sought-after” specializing doctors

    June 1, 2015

    Dr. Moscov announced that the number of doctors who wished to work abroad had decreased.

    The Bulgarian Ministry of Health is trying to stop the brain-drain of our doctors abroad. The state will pay the fees of the “most sought-after” specializing doctors.

    Earlier this year, the Ministry removed paid specialization. The new rules did not apply to physicians who had already begun their specialization.
    The government would pay for the doctors who are acquiring a shrinking specialty – such as infectionists, anesthesiologists, and pathologists.

    „The thing I am talking about is within one million,. To pay the rest, the sum would have to be much larger, but we will make an effort and talk to the Finance Minister, estimates are being made at the moment. Our definite commitment is to the people who specialize in the most sought-after discilpines,” indicated Minister Moskov.

    „The number of applications submitted by Bulgarian doctors wishing to work abroad has significantly decreased. Whether this is a lasting trend will become clear later, but it sounds encouraging so far. This year more than 130 hospitals have announced 729 position openings for young specialized doctors, and 297 of them have already been taken,” announced Minister Moskov.
    He explained that the government program task the young doctors to become part of the system had been successfully accomplished.
    Dr. Petar Moskov noted that the program had further stages that his team would be working on.