• The Health Ministry buys 40 000 vaccines without tender

    October 14, 2014

    The Health Ministry will purchase almost 40 000 vaccines for a total amount of BGN 4.27 million without a tender, through direct negotiation procedure. The aim is to control the crisis with the 6-valent immunizations.
    The crisis started as the only company that participated in the summer tender and won it failed to deliver the vaccine. This is about one of the two included in the Positive list 6-valent vaccines, which is in the form of injection. The company, however, offered to provide quantities in vials. But this form does not appear in the Paid list.

    The Minister suspended the execution of the contract, because otherwise he would have committed legal offence. But on the last day for appeal – 8th of October this year, the supplier filed a complaint with the Commission for Protection of Competition against the decision of Dr. Nenkov. While the case is considered, the Ministry of Health can not buy the vaccines and thousands of newborns can not be vaccinated.

    “I decided to refer to art. 90 of the Public Procurement Act, which allows in extreme situation to proceed to direct negotiations, despite the appeal of the producer,” explained Dr. Nenkov.

    Thus on the website of the Ministry of Health (again on the 8th of October) appeared the direct negotiation procedure, where, however, only one invitation is given – to the second producer. “Only he qualifies as the first producer is appealing and said that before the summer he can not deliver the 6-valent vaccine, so there is no one else to invite” (in the Paid list there are only two vaccines from two producers), explained from the Ministry of Health..

    If again there is an appeal and if Nenkov is convicted, the sanction will be a personal fine of BGN 15 000. “I figured that I can take a consumer loan and pay it, but I can not let anyone put me and the Ministry of Health on our knees,” the Minister said. His deputies and a patient organization promised to give money if it comes to conviction. “To solve the casus, we will address the World Health Organization and UNESCO,” said Nenkov.

    His team predicts a new crisis with vaccines and in the beginning of 2015, as the vaccination calendar for next year is not ready yet. “Against the vaccination calendar there is resistance in the Ministry of Health on the grounds that the changes we offer do not exist anywhere else in the world no. And it is not so.” snapped Nenkov. He wants the immunization calendar to describe diseases against which immunization of children in Bulgaria will be compulsory, not to indicate the type of vaccines protecting against these diseases. In this way, even if a vaccine is missing, there will be a way for public procurement and the Bulgarian children will not remain unprotected.

    Currently in the Regional Health Inspections there are enough 4-valent vaccines to immunize the newborn. And the vaccination against hepatitis B can be made additionally, until a new delivery for the 6-valent vaccine is secured. “Revaccination of 6-year-olds will be delayed, but this will in no way affect the health of the children,” assured Dr. Nenkov.