• The governing parties reached an agreement regarding health insurance

    May 13, 2015

    The four ruling coalition parties reached a consensus to record in the Health Insurance Act that those Bulgarians who want to be treated under the National Health Insurance Fund will have to pay health insurance 5 years back. This was announced by the MPs from the coalition in the past week.

    In order to have health insurance now, one has to have all the contributions that were due in the last three years covered. One is permitted to have three unpaid contributions. By introducing changes to the law, the Health Minister Dr. Peter Moscow has required defaulting payers to transfer all amounts due since the creation of the Health Insurance Fund in 2000 up to now, in order to have their health rights restored.

    Senior magistrates, doctors and patients attacked the idea, arguing that the maximum period for back payment cannot exceed 5 years. They insisted the new period to fit the maximum. So in mid-April, the Reformist Bloc MPs filed a motion for 5 years’ insurance back payment.

    “We will support the proposal of the Reformist Bloc “, said Dr. Daniela Daritkova (GERB), head of the Health Committee yesterday. The parties Alternative for Bulgarian Revival and the Patriotic Front were of the same opinion.

    “We have put forth a similar proposal, according to which, if the amounts due for the last 5 years exceed BGN 150, they can be paid back in installments,” said Dr. Sultanka Petrova  from the Patriotic Front.

    The Ministry of Finance did not agree. The institution of Vladislav Goranov did not support the proposal of the Reformers that government officials should pay for their own health insurance, as opposed to the situation now – the state paying for it. The reason was that such a change had to pass through tax laws and to be provided for in the annual budget.

    Unexpected Effect

    Since the Health Minister Dr. Peter Moscow announced his idea that Bulgarians should pay “tax” for their health obligations 15 years back, the revenues from contributions have increased, showed a notification from the NRA. This was emphasized by MPs from GERB. According to them, discussing the change, although it was not in line with our legislation and could not be accomplished, produced a positive effect.