• Tchaikapharma will produce about 5,000 MoriVir packs within the next ten days

    April 13, 2020

    President Trump takes hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus infection even though it’s an unproven treatment


    Professor Toni Vekov in an interview with NOVA: Tchaikapharma R&D Team worked around the clock to develop our own dossier


    Within the next ten days, Tchaikapharma will produce about 5,000 packs of MoriVir (hydroxychloroquine), and in another week, at least 20,000 packs of GraVir (chloroquine). “Every Bulgarian diagnosed with COVID-19 will have the opportunity to be treated”, said Vekov, biotechnology engineer and one of Tchaikapharma’s founders.


    See the full interview here in Bulgarian.