• Tchaikapharma to build new manufacturing complex for tablets, capsules and liquid medicines

    January 7, 2020

    In 2019 Tchaikapharma (BSE:7TH) affirmed its leadership through successful development of scientific projects based on the advanced research on the development and integration of innovative combo medicines, some of which never used before in the global medical practice. Series of laboratory research and clinical studies are conducted in collaboration with European and American companies, namely in the fields of cardiology, endocrinology and neurology.


    Combination of different well-known molecules in PolyPill has a beneficial effect on patients, whose increased value is represented by cost-effectiveness and improved therapeutic outcomes and life comfort. Combination of substances provides the attractive opportunity to optimize admission of various medicaments in one dosage. Tchaikapharma is implementing a strategy of prioritizing patient care above all. Evidently holds on to the principles of corporative responsibility towards the community and constant innovative growth, thus managing to enter foreign markets with main focus on European countries.


    In an environment of increased pressure pension funds and minimal or negative interest rates of deposits in the majority of European countries, long-term investments in Tchaikapharma (BSE:7TH) proved themselves fruitful for numerous investors. Essentially, this trend is projected to continue through strengthening market presence outside Bulgaria.


    Tchaikapharma started crucial consolidation of its resources in order to expand its business model beyond our borders. So far, 10 pharmaceutical products have been registered in 7 EU countries. The initial stage of market entry seems to be highly optimistic.


    Taking into account the great market opportunities and bright prospects of Tchaikapharma’s modern portfolio, in 2019 started the design and construction of a third state-of-the-art manufacturing complex for tablets, capsules and sterile ampules, which will be dedicated to supply European markets. The new facility will feature robotized equipment and a next-gen AI process control panel, including a modern storage for pharmaceutical forms that are ready to set.


    Deeper entry in the fields of oncological drugs R&D is supported by another revolutionary project in 2020 – a projected investment in NGS (next generation sequencing) laboratory that will enable elaborate research of human gene and detection of mutation which are highly relatable to specific oncological diseases. This would allow therapy to be optimized personally for each patient, providing maximum suitability and efficacy.


    Therefore, the possibility of positive therapeutic response is increased many-fold, and side effects inherent to conventional methods of oncological therapy, limited. Consequently, such personalized therapeutic approach based on NGS analysis, minimizes the risk of disease relapse. The high-tech laboratory will be one of its kind in the Balkans and will provide patients form the region (East of Munich) health technologies solely available in some countries in Western Europe and the USA.


    Today, Tchaikapharma is one of the largest companies on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, with market cap of 895 million BGN as of the end of 2019 – trustworthy of its numerous investors and immense prospects.


    The original article is available here in Bulgarian.