• Tchaikapharma is among the best investments on BSE for 2016

    August 8, 2016

    A total of 8 among the 40 companies included in calculating one of the main indicators of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – BGBX40, rose more than 10%, and nine companies lose between 13 and 58% of its market valuation, according to a check made by Profit.bg.

    Here are the details for the best and worst investments on BSE since the beginning of 2016:

    Two of the emissions – Albena Invest Holding and Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines rose by over 30% since the beginning of this year (34.01 and 31.91% respectively).

    The growth of that holding company comes after announcement of the impending merger of the company to Albena AD, while the pharmaceutical company reported improved financial results for 2016.

    As at the first half of the year Tchaikapharma reported 11% higher sales revenue for the first six months of 2016, as at the end of June they even reached BGN 16.7 million.

    Just a little over BGN 13 million of the company’s sales are related to medicinal products for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The net profit of the company amounted to BGN 4.5 million versus BGN 3.9 million a year earlier. The growth in this indicator is 14.51%.

    A significant increase mark also two of the financial vehicle corporations listed on our stock exchange. These are Real Estate Fund Bulgaria and Sopharma Properties, which added 19.78% and 18.37% respectively, according to data before the start of today’s session.

    Double-digit growth there is at Biovet – after the news release that the majority owner of the company is about to make a tender offer to the remaining shareholders at a price of BGN 13.33 per share, which makes stocks more expensive by nearly 16 % since the beginning of the year.

    The increase at Neochim of nearly 15 percent is due to the better performance of the company, reported almost twice the profit before tax compared to a year earlier of BGN 29.1 million.

    With over 11% since the beginning of 2016 also rose the shares of Hydraulic elements and systems and Sopharma Trading to levels of BGN 3.30 and 5.65 per share.

    Investments on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, besides bringing higher profits, also can cause significant losses. Given that there are shares of Bulgartabac Holding, Yuri Gagarin and Euroins in your portfolio, this year you are already at loss of 58, 44 and 42.9% respectively of these investments.

    Serious declines in market capitalization recorded the stocks of Petrol (-39.68%), Sparky Eltos ( -31.25%) and Cereals Bulgaria (-21.62%).
    Two-digit decline was reported at other three holding companies – Synergon Holding, Chimimport and Industrial Holding Bulgaria.

    The original article is available in Bulgarian at Profit.bg