• Starting today patients can change their GP

    December 3, 2014

    Starting today till the end of December the medically insured citizens can change their GP, if they wish to.

    It is not necessary for the people who have chosen a new family doctor to notify the former one, this happens through official channels. For the change a patient has to have a registration form for the permanent choice of a GP, which can be printed from the website of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). Only the fields with the patient’s data are to be filled out, while the other information is filled out by the newly selected doctor, who has to have a contract with the Fund. There is information that also has to be filled out in the health insurance booklet, which remains with the patient and its number is entered in the form of a permanent choice.

    The new GP has to undertake his/her responsibilities from the date he/she was selected.

    Patients with health insurance have the possibility to change their GP two times a year – in December and in June. At any time of the year it is possible to make a temporary choice of a doctor when it is necessary – as in the case of residing for over a month (but not more than five months) in another city. The form for a temporary choice of a doctor is also available on the website of the NHIF.