• Smart devices

    November 25, 2014

    From 2015 doctors will monitor the condition of pregnant Bulgarian women via Smartphones

    It will no longer be necessary to go on foot to the doctor’s office for advice. Instead, every pregnant woman will have the privilege to monitor the heartbeat of the child through a special widget and it will transmit the received data directly to the Smartphone of the obstetrician. This is a practice that is already in place in the Netherlands. From the beginning of 2015 Bulgarian women will also be able to benefit from it. The first for Bulgaria and the second in Europe telemedical center in the Ist OG “St. Sofia” in the capital will start working then. In it 24 hours a day 7 days a week obstetricians will monitor the real-time heart rate and the reactivity of the child, as well as the contractions of the uterus of the woman. “From the 33rd week of pregnancy, a woman will be able to monitor the condition of the child in her womb, while lying on the couch. The device was developed by doctors and IT engineers and can record real-time children’s heart tones. “Through the Internet they will be transferred to the monitoring centre of the hospital, and we will react immediately if there are deviations,” – explained the Director of the Ist OG Assoc. Prof. Ivan Kostov.