• Prof. Toni Vekov to BNT: I hope MoriVid to be available in all pharmacies as of next week

    June 16, 2020

    Prof. Toni Vekov – Director of the scientific board of Tchaikapharma, prof. Rasho Rashkov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Rheumatology Society and Boryana Boteva – Chairman of the Rheumatology Patients Organisation took part in the broadcasting “Ask BNT” related to the matters of efficiency and safety of the treatment with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for rheumatology-related diseases and as therapy for COVID-19.


    Prof. Toni Vekov: The product is already registered in Bulgaria, we have been assured by the National Organization of prices and re-imbursement of pharmaceutical products, that the price will be discussed on Thursday (18th of June). I hope MoriVid to be available in all pharmacies as of next week.


    A representative epidemiological study leaded by our research team, which included 56 countries, showed that in countries where 5 times more HCQ is used, mortality is 2 times lower.


    Prof. Rasho Rashkov: I work with Hydroxychloroquine for 36 years. The Chloroquine and the Hydroxychloroquine have a good effect [if the right dosage is applied] and are safe to a significant extent. The product is efficient in cases of COVID-19 infections as well.


    B. Boteva: The registration of the Hydroxychloroquine is Bulgaria is an immense achievement. Many thanks to the pharmaceutical company!


    Watch the full interview here /in Bulgarian/.