• Minister Moskov proposes: Any economist can head a hospital

    July 13, 2015

    A new front in the National Assembly against the reduced requirements for managers was formed.

    The Health Minister Petar Moskov has proposed a liberalization of the requirements for managers in the Medical Institutions Act and virtually anyone who has a master degree in economics may become head of a hospital. This formed a new front of Members of parliament from different groups against the proposal of the Minister.

    According to the current law a manager or executive director of a hospital can only be a person who has a master’s in general or dental medicine and acquired qualification in health management.

    The other option is a master degree in economics and management, and board certification in medical informatics and health management or health economics.

    Now, however, Moskov has proposed in the draft law to eliminate the requirement for qualification in health management, and for the economists to have knowledge in the field of health. In the health committee he explained that if a young man, a graduate of Cambridge, decided that he wanted to pursue a career as Head of St. Anna Hospital, the Members of the Parliament should not impede him.

    The Members of Parliament: We will not draft a law for one person.

    “I disagree with this proposal; I believe the current requirements should remain because they provide a guaranteed level of competence in management. We will not make laws for an individual from Cambridge. I think we need to draft a law for those who live in Bulgaria. Moreover, after the New Year there will be enough freelance hospital managers who will seek employment,” said the Member of Parliament from the Reformist Bloc Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Shishkov.

    Prof. Georgy Kyuchukov from the Alternative for Bulgarian Revival is also adamant that the criteria should not be lowered. “Receiving his education at Cambridge, he will be better informed about the needs of the British health system, but not of ours. Moreover, the opening of a faculty in health management in each medical university losses its meaning,” said Prof. Kyuchukov.

    The Member of Parliament from the PP Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria Dr. Krassimir Petrov is also adamant that his party will not allow the lowering of the standards for hospital executives, provided that the reform aims at better management. They will even propose the requirement of master’s degree in health management, not just qualifications. Of the same opinion is Djevdet Chakarov, his colleague from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. “It is evident that there is a huge need for effective management. The nature of the medical activities and services should be known. The amendments may have a different interpretation – that the door to change the hospital bosses is opened,” said Chakarov.