• Flash drive with a sixth sense

    November 25, 2014

    Besides the diagnosis and treatment of diseases a major step towards a healthier life is prevention. Especially in what we consume. A true technological breakthrough was made by the small company Consumer Physics from Israel. Their creation SCiO is as big as the normal flash memory, but it has great features. It is the first portable spectrometer. This device can, by refraction of the infrared light, understand the molecular structure of the object to which it is directed, analyze it, and the result will immediately appear on the screen of one’s smartphone.

    For example, by pointing it towards a fruit it will tell a person how many calories and sugar is contained in it and if it is fully ripe. If it is pointed at food, it will know what kind it is, what are its main components and whether there is anything to which you are allergic. It is an invaluable assistant for the analyses of pills and directly tells the name of the drug.