• Every patient with an e-health card from 2016

    June 1, 2015

    Individual electronic health cards and electronic prescriptions would be a fact at the beginning of 2016 – assured the Minister of Health Dr. Peter Moskov. “Every insured Bulgarian citizen will have his or her individual package for outpatient care, matched to their age and condition,” he explained. Moscov emphasized that the country woul seek to ensure that “when a person goes to the hospital, a whole complex treatment routine will be created.” “Currently the Russe Hospital has a contract with two psychiatrists, whose consultations are paid. On the other hand, the mentally ill when they need other treatments are brought from the Psychiatry Dispensary to the General Hospital,” gave an example the Minister of Health.

    “I want a patient to receive full treatment within a hospital,” he said. Regarding the dissatisfaction with the health system reform, he said that he understood that the reform had upset the comfort of certain communities. “The problem is that the healthcare system and the whole country as well are broken into small community comfort zones fragments. What happens to the patient should not occupy these comfort zones,” commented Moskov.