• Cancer detected in a drop of blood within three minutes

    June 22, 2015

    The technology was developed by Japanese scientists

    Japanese scientists have developed technology that allows identifying cancer disease in one drop of blood at an early stage within three minutes, informs RIA Novosti.

    The technology was developed by Japanese scientists

    “The technology allows to determine malignancy and to identify the early stage of stomach, colon and pancreatic cancer within just three minutes in only one drop of blood. There is no such technology anywhere in the world,” said Katsuyuki Hasegawa – a research fellow in the company MYTECH, which together with the hospital Teyosyu University Syowa developed the new technology.

    The company has developed a metal plate with a special composition. When placing on its top a drop of blood from a patient with a malignant tumor, in treatment with ultraviolet and other types of radiation, it lights up, while the blood of a person with a benign tumor does not emit light.
    “This is an absolutely new achievement in the world. This method is easy to use and can begin to be used in any hospital even tomorrow,” says Hasegawa.