• Another unique product joins the big family of Tchaikapharma

    January 10, 2022

    The newest medicinal product to receive a Marketing Authorization from the Bulgarian Drug Agency is:


    TromBay 100 mg tablets (with active ingredient cilostazol).


    Its actions are several and include dilating certain blood vessels and reducing the clotting activity (agglutination) of certain blood cells, called platelets, in blood vessels.


    The medicinal product is prescribed for “intermittent claudication” – a cramp-like pain in the legs when walking and is caused by insufficient blood supply to the lower limbs. TromBay can increase the distance you can walk without pain as it improves blood circulation in the legs. TromBay is only recommended for patients whose symptoms have not improved enough after making lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking and increasing exercise) or after other appropriate treatments. It is important that patients continue with the changes they have made to improve their lifestyle while taking TromBay.


    The medicinal product is subject to prescription.


    ATC code: B01AC23