• A Bulgarian team begins reconstructive breast operations with own fat

    July 13, 2015

    Prof. Marita Eisenmann predicted that after 10 years the fat grifting method will completely replace breast implants.

    Three women after mammectomy due to breast cancer undergo reconstructive surgery today in Sofia First Gynecological Hospital “St. Sofia” by a Bulgarian team of specialists, led by the world-renowned plastic surgeon Prof. Marita Eisenmann – Klein. This was announced at a press conference on the opening of a seminar organized by the Cluster for Medical Tourism, International Health Association of Bavaria and the International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery IPRAS. At the meeting with the media became clear that the interventions will be implemented without the placement of implants using the method of autologous fat transfer (fat grafting) and the participation of Prof. Eisenman has a training character, it became clear. The visit of the expert is entirely in good faith, free of charge and aims to help the Bulgarian medics to master this particular methodology, which enjoys more and more supporters in the professional medical community worldwide. The operation will be monitored by a large group of doctors from Sofia and Plovdiv.

    The method was extremely sparing the patient, the sessions were short, a great advantage was its universal applicability, one of the indications for its implementation was radiotherapy, said Dr. Mladen Mladenov from the surgical oncology team of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital “St. Sofia”. The intervention went in stages between them were provided intervals of not less than 2 months, and the number of individual sessions depended on the individual characteristics of the patient, said Dr. Mladenov.

    Prof. Marita Eisenmann predicted that only after 10 years the fat grafting method would be the first choice in reconstructive breast surgery and implants would remain in the past. According to her many hopes were laid on the application of the method in urinary and anal incontinence in orthopedic surgery for arthritis and osteodegenativni diseases. “My dream is to see good results in the treatment with autologous adipose tissue of chronic wounds, especially of decubitus. I am optimistic that this will happen,” added Prof. Eisenman.

    At the press conference it became clear that the surgical oncology team of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital “St. Sofia” was ready to apply that treatment at that time and every woman who considered that there was a need for thoracic intervention not only because of malignancy might seek consultation at the hospital. For the moment, the intervention is not paid by the NHIF, the individual stages are priced at BGN 1 200.

    In the autumn of this year another training workshop with demonstrations of Bulgarian medics is foreseen, it will be dedicated to the topic of the application of new methods of plastic surgery in urology with focus on urinary incontinence.